Penelope "Penny" Greene always knew she was different from the other girls. Not only did eating pickles give her extraordinary strength, but she somehow inherited a "sixth sense"...she can always tell when someone is either in trouble or generally up to no good.

Penny's father, science professor Paul Greene, left home on a mysterious work-related assignment when Penny was only 6 years old - never to return. The following year she lost her mother, botonist Monica Greene, in an automobile accident, leaving Penny to be raised by her paternal grandmother in Tampa, Florida.

Penny excelled through school with a straight-A average, and played the tuba in her high-school's marching band - mainly because she was the only student strong enough to carry the thing despite her 5-foot-2 frame.

A month before classes began at Shamrock University, Penny was met by a race of creatures called the Gillgatrells from the planet Gillgatroid. The Gillgatrells explained to her the reasons behind her unusual gifts, and after taking her abord their space-craft, trained her in 347 different varieties of martial arts (most of which are unknown to even humans) and taught her to tune her psychic ablities. The Gillgatrells told her that her reaction to pickles was no coincidence, and that someday, as the masked heroine dubbed Pickle Girl, she would save all of humanity from it's own destruction...starting with the sleepy little college town of Shamrock Heights.

Penny studies art and education at Shamrock University, and describes herself as "just an ordinary college student who just happens to be a superhero. Someday Penny aspires to not only to save humanity but also become a Kindergarten teacher.

Samantha Ogilvie (age unknown) is a junior at Shamrock University majoring in psychology. In her three years of college, Samantha has gone through forty-seven roommates until Penny Greene knocked on her door. So far, Penny is the first roommate that Samantha hasn't chased away. She learned by accident that her new roommate has a secret identity, and is learning to tollerate both Penny and her alien companion. As Samantha says "Even with all the crime-fighting and her little alien buddy she's still the most normal roommate I've had".

Samantha can be a bit bitchy at times and has very few friends. She keeps people at arm's length and shares very little about her past. Like Penny, Samantha has a few secrets of her own...

Glurp is the Gillgatrellian guide sent to assist Penny. He serves not only as her teacher and mentor, but also as her companion and counsel.

To our puny, underdeveloped human ears, Glurp speaks only one word..."Glurp". However, the Gillgatrellian language is rather rich with subtle nuances in intonation and inflection, so that when Glurp says "Glurp", he might be saying "Look out for that Meteor, Pickle Girl!" or "Can I have a bologna sandwich with extra mayonaisse?" or 47 million other things that only Penny can understand.

Most of Glurp's abilities are still unknown, even to Penny, but so far he's demonstrated telepathy, telekenesis, and the uncanny ability to annoy the hell out of Samantha.

His intelligence cannot be measured by human standards, but if one were to determine his IQ with any of our current systems of intelligence measurement it would be...oh, I don't know, say about seventeen-billion or so, with a 5-point margin of error, of course.

Ethan Robb, 20 years old, is a science major at Shamrock University. He lives in the basement of his mom's house with his best friend since pre-school, Howard. Ethan works at the Stop-N-Snack, a little convienience store just off of campus...the very same shop where Penny, as Pickle Girl, foiled her first robbery attempt, saving not only Ethan's life but probably his job as well.

Before meeting his hero, Penny/Pickle Girl, he went on one date in his whole life - he took Samantha to a Sci-Fi Convention - much to her chagrin.

Samantha formally introduced Ethan to Penny, mainly because he can be well trusted with secrets (as Samantha knows first hand) and since, as Samantha says, he "knows all about this super-hero crap", he can also be quite helpful to her on her quest.

Howard Feldberg, age 20, also a science major at Shamrock University, has aspirations of becoming an electrical engineer, but also has an interest in exo-biology. He's probably slightly more geeky than his best friend and roommate, Ethan, and can usually be found with his nose buried in a book. He's also in Penny's circle of trust, but he's not quite so sure about Samantha...

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