Kelley Sullivan is a human female. Born at an early age in a small town in New Jersey, Kelley has lived most of her life on the East Coast of the United States, including New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida, until finally relocating to the rainy, gloomy city of Tacoma, Washington in 2004. During her brief (yet eventful) life she has worked as a radio-announcer, a telemarketer, a phone-psychic, an adult-phone-line operator, a customer service representative for a phone company, and a brief recipient of unemployment benefits. She currently resides with a human female roommate named Amy and a feline male named Tigger.

After a brief spell of poor circumstances in late 2003, including a period unemployment and a Christmas-time eviction, Kelley had virtually nothing to her name, and after staying up all night wondering where she would be spending Christmas, she decided to eat the last pickle from the jar and doodle a picture, as she often does when she's troubled. She began doodling a picture (using the nearest pen, which just so happened to be a green ink-pen) of a girl with pig-tails riding on a giant pickle. By this random senendipitous scribble, a poorly drawn webcomic was born.

The main human characters in "Pickle Girl" all represent some aspect of Kelley's personality...Penny's need to save the world, Samantha's cynicism, Ethan's geekitude, and Howard's intellect. The inspiration behind the character of Glurp will forever remain her secret.

Kelley took a two year hiatus from her strip due to the general business of life, but the Pickle Girl universe still swam through her mind like frogs in a pot of boiling cheese, screaming "Help me! Help me! for the love of God help me!". Well, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the point. Finally, since the recent turn of events were more in her favor, she decided to bring Penny and her gang back to life, and brought all the ideas and storylines building up for two years back into reality.

Kelley loves to recieve hatemail and fan-art, so please feel free to send any feedback, positive or negative - it's all good, to

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